The 21st century is the mobile era. From making payments, searching for solutions online, watching the news, and communicating with clients to shopping all are happening through the mobile devices. According to Google statistics, more than half of all searches are now taking place on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.
For this reason, any online entrepreneur dreaming of success has no option other than enhancing mobile shoppers experience on their e-commerce websites. Unlike other online visitors, at least 30% of people using mobile devices to search for products or services have higher chances of making a purchase. But how can you improve the user experience for the mobile shoppers in your e-commerce site? What are the minimum services that your website builder should offer you? Read on to know.

Make your search button visible

One of the challenges that mobile shoppers encounter on the online business sites is trying to find the search button. While most of these webpreneurs have optimized their sites for mobile platforms, they fail to realize the essentiality of the search bar. For this reason, the mobile shoppers find it hard to search for the products they want in your store. Making your search button visible will make it easy for the customers to type what they want without errors. As such, their transaction will be easier and faster. Hence, they will be happy for saving their time which will be a promise to a future sale.

Enhance the user-friendliness of your mobile user interface

Unlike online shoppers, a customer using mobile devices do not have time to browse through your e-commerce website. The main goal of these shoppers is to make a purchase. Importantly, the shoppers do not have time to waste going through various sites. When they login to your online store through their mobile phones and devices, all they want is to buy. In this regard, if you want to maintain customer loyalty, you must ensure that your mobile user interfaces are user-friendly. By this, you will enhance your target customer user experience which will increase your return sales.

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Upload other user reviews and comments

Humans are social beings and have several aspects in common. One, they make decisions depending on the opinion of others. Second, they like owning what other people are using. They also love being part of the current trends. For instance, if your target customers find that more than 10,000 people purchased products from your site and left a positive comment or review, there is a high chance that they will follow suit. As such, if you need to ensure that your e-commerce website is compatible with mobile devices and displays positive reviews and comments from your current and previous customers.

Understand your mobile target customer needs

The pillar of customer experience is to understand your customer needs. Regardless of the device, they use to access your website; customers will always go for products and services that align with what they need. As such, you need to ensure that your e-commerce website is responsive and customers enjoy the same level of user experience accessing it through PC or mobile devices.
For instance, if your customer desire is to make payment through online means you need to ensure you provide an array of popular online payment options. Importantly, you need to invest in research. This will help you to know the current needs of the mobile interface users and ensure you have the right features to meet their needs.


In a word, enhancing your mobile shoppers’ user experience in your e-commerce website is critical. To achieve this goal, you need to display a visible search bar and enhance user-friendliness on the mobile interface. Also, you should upload customer comments and reviews as well as understand the needs of your target clients.