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Open Sources or Hosted? Which Is the Best E-commerce Platform Option

When you decide to launch your online store, you will need an e-commerce platform. This platform is the determiner of the look and appearance of your site. Also, it is the factor on the level of customization you will apply in building a unique and attractive online store that will drive sales. In developing your [...]

Why SEO Is Important & How to Choose the Perfect Ecommerce Platform For SEO?

It all starts with a search. A search is responsible for 93% of all internet activity. This means running an online business is a tough task if users can't find your ecommerce website through Google. However, today, most ecommerce platforms provide number of features that help you optimize your ecommerce website for Google. Yet, keeping [...]

Why You Consider ‘SEO Friendly Features’ While Choosing Ecommerce Platforms for Your Online Store

Factors That Determine Ranking These factors play an important role in determining how well your ecommerce platform ranks.  Independent Navigation Links Navigation links is basically a text that appears for your items in navigation menu of your ecommerce website. Now many big ecommerce platforms offer independent navigation links and give you an independent control to [...]